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NAND/SSD Information Service

Find out more about our information services by downloading our Brochure! is a summary of the key information regarding CIALIS online in Canada. If you desire more information, talk with your doctor. You can ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist for details about CIALIS that is written for health providers.

NAND/SSD Information Service

TRENDFOCUS’ NAND/SSD Information Service employs our six-part data delivery model and provides a unique, evolving data set on NAND and SSDs. We provide solid-state storage device forecasts that clearly display sector penetration, exabytes shipped by application, and sector penetration by application (PCs, enterprise, tablets and other applications).

Quarterly Updates & Biannual Five-Year Forecast

Dynamic and statistically generated updates focused on the overall storage end markets employed HDD and SSD storage.

  • New and existing market trends
  • Enhanced market share data
  • Customer/supplier relationships
  • Technology updates
  • Market segment analysis and interlinks between these markets
  • Drivers and inhibitors for supply and demand and impact on HDD infrastructure
  • Unit shipment forecasts
  • Technology trends: capacity, rotational speed, and application

Executive Briefs

Published several times each quarter, these event-driven publications provide a top-level analysis and commentary of spot market issues affecting the HDD industry and the wider ecosystem.

FOCUS ON Documents

Penetrating white papers on issues affecting the HDD Industry, its infrastructure, and the broader industry. Topics have included capital investment upgrade forecasts, technology trends and roadmaps, and other issues that offer tremendous insight to TRENDFOCUS clients