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Recording Head Information Service

A foundation of our unmatched HDD coverage, the HDD Recording Head Information Service provides an authoritative analysis tool for HDD and recording head manufacturers, suspension suppliers, capital equipment vendors, materials companies, and financial analysts.

Quarterly Updates & Biannual Five-Year Forecast

Quarterly updates are dynamic and statistically generated updates that contain the most pertinent tactical data on the entire HDD recording head industry, including:

  • Head shipments by drive form factor and major capacity class
  • Demand scenarios by technology
  • Heads-per-drive ratios in each major application area
  • OEM and Captive unit and revenue forecasts
  • HGA shipment analysis in each technology by slider format, GB/disk, and areal density

Five-year forecasts (updated twice yearly) provide a more strategic view of supply and demand issues affecting the HDD recording head industries.

Executive Briefs

Published several times each quarter, these event-driven publications provide a top-level analysis and commentary of spot market issues affecting the HDD industry and the wider ecosystem.

FOCUS ON Documents

Penetrating white papers on issues affecting the HDD Industry, its infrastructure, and the broader industry. Topics have included capital investment upgrade forecasts, technology trends and roadmaps, and other issues that offer tremendous insight to TRENDFOCUS clients